Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 500 Feelings - #131 Pointing Out The Same Actor From A Different Movie

Give credit where credit is due. Making a good call in front of the fellas usually merits a nice old healthy smirk. I'm not talking about putting two and two together with an obvious actor (unless you go way back into the vault and point out a throw back flick (i.e. Jonah Hill in Grandma's Boy)). I'm talking about making a call that no one would have thought about by themselves. The one's that make people go, "Oooooooh yeahhhhh. Good call Fratsby!" The ones that stir up an argument and bring in the iPhresh for the tie breaker. An example is connecting Eddie from the Hangover and Avi the Waiter from Old School (I spent an hour trying to find a youtube clip. The best I could do was retype the script)

Avi: "Okay, that's one pecan pie and two coffees. And don't worry, for the Godfather, it's always on the house."

Mitch: "Not here."

Avi: "I know who you are. I am Avi. I am a big supporter of what you guys are doing."

Mitch: "Thank you."

Avi: "You are beautiful. No offense though, he is the king. You are taking coffee and pie with a living legend."

Mitch: "That is very kind but I insist I'll pay."

Avi: "Your money is no good here. I look forward to pledging next semester."

A good snipe is just a good feeling. You look like you're a movie buff and if you're lucky enough maybe someone will disagree and you can throw some bones down for a bet. Some of the best ones are when you call out someone from your childhood who found their way back onto the Hollywood scene.


  1. this is 131? disagree

  2. top feeling - not setting an alarm for the next day