Monday, May 9, 2011

Responsible Sexting

Text messaging has completely revolutionized hooking up. Without texting... I don't even want to think about that so I won't. It's 2011, and solid, well planned, well executed sexting is how you hook up. Plain and simple. Being a shitty, creepy, desperate sexter, on the other hand, is how you wind up pathetic and alone like Singler. In my eyes text game is slowly but surely surpassing in-person game in terms of importance.

Some girls are just shitty texters, while others will respond in under 15 seconds 100 times out of 100. Things get sticky when a girl who's normally on point doesn't respond. Worse, when she negs an aggressive, 2+ am, 'you know exactly what my intentions are' type text that she'd normally respond to. Now shit's awkward. Never send a follow up text. Never. OK? Never. If it's a girl you've hooked up with a couple of times before then there are only so many explanations: She's with another dude, she's tired/doesn't feel like hanging out, she's asleep/blacked out, she lost her phone, or she's just disinterested. None of these scenarios can be helped by you shooting over an anxious "Hello?" or "Ouch". I know it's hard, I know you want to, but be disciplined. Take your cut and see what happens. God forbid you send 2 awkward texts post 2 am and run in to the girl the next day. If that's not a passer-by that you whip out your phone and pretend to be typing for I don't know who is.

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