Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Just Around the Corner

Second semester finals are especially tough to focus for because my mind is always elsewhere. We're not studying in the endless dark of December. No, we're locked up in Carney looking out the window at this beautiful day, thinking about the glory that is only days away. My plans for summer are always ambitious to say the least. This summer, for instance, I have pledged to go skydiving, join a paintball league, learn how to break-dance, and join the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest on the Fourth of July. Obviously, there's a strong chance that none of these will happen. However, I am taking a stand this summer. I'm making a promise and I'm following through with it. If there is one thing I will do this summer, it's play soccer in jailbird outfits in a game refereed by a rabbit while wearing binoculars. I think going to flight school is a prerequisite for participation. Let's make this happen people. Cleveland Circle fields, Saturday afternoon, BYOB (binoculars). See you Sallies out there. Back to the grind.

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