Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Chafe - Not Knowing Where The Sound Is Coming From On Your Computer

All of us have a little Sherlock Holmes deep down within, but sometimes our pet computers get the better of us. Macs (tell me you don't have a PC) for the most part are flawless when it comes to pop ups, but let's be honest, we really test its abilities by going to certain websites. Now that everyone tries to advertise on the world wide web we see and hear a lot of commercials. Sometimes it's obvious, other times it's in a small little box on a window that you just can't find. You check to see if your itunes (aka ichunes) is playing and you close any unnecessary windows down, but you still can't find it. The worst noise is hearing, "Congratulations, you have just won..." Eventually you find that little critter and you mute or exit the shit out of it.


  1. If you download click to flash ( it gets rid of this problem completely. any time there is video or music on any website, they use this app makes it so you have to actively click on the box for it to play. hence the name. so when you go to a website and theres 30 of those annoying fucking video ads that play automatically, it'll just be 30 boxes that say "flash." you're welcome.