Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anti-Bro of the Week: Luke Rodgers

Luke Rodgers is a madman with a bald head and a nose for trouble. The redcoat has been in the headlines for bad reasons before. One time back in England, he got into it with an opponent and
waited for him in the parking lot after the game (enough with the Gilmore quotes already). After he scored a hat-trick in another match, he went out to celebrate and got arrested at a pub for a "violent crime." Those are both pretty legendary stories that should not be hated on by this site, but it's pretty downhill from there. Once Rodgers set off two fireworks outside of a Bromwich pub one night, one of the which lost control and hit a 16 year-old girl in the face. The firework got stuck to her face until it exploded, leaving irreversible burns and scars. Rodgers got 100 hours of community service.Then there's this, which cements this chache as an Anti-Bro of the Week. He's most recently been in the headlines for calling Landon Donovan a dickhead during Saturday's Red Bulls-Galaxy game. Anyone who respects America will hate on that, especially after watching this and this (chills). As hard as it is to hate on a guy as down-to-party as Rodgers, I have to deem him an Anti-Bro for that stunt. I know how heated players get in games, but don't call the face of American soccer a dickhead in his own country. You just made yourself one powerful enemy. Fuck you, Luke.

P.S. Good luck to Sacir Hot, former BC man who is now with the Red Bulls. Never met the kid, but I hear he could be doing big things in the future.


  1. When Landon was asked what he thought about it on Twitter he said "Who is Luke Rogers?" Misspelling and all. Gotta love an American hero.

  2. I so would landon dononvan.

    no homo.

  3. He's probably also the person selling these on eBay: http://www.kckrs.com/treasures-of-ebay-soccer-themed-condoms/