Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 500 Feelings - #207 Finding a Shortcut

Lane Piffin just took ten dollars off me in FIFA. I won't dwell on the fact that he only made this bet with the stipulation that he got to be Spain, so I'll talk about an actual positive contribution he's made on my life lately. I only bring him up because he did show me a solid shortcut last week. The walk from my house to Roggies and the rest of Cleveland Circle, a.k.a. Brighton's 8-Mile, a.k.a. The Heart of Boston has now been reduced from 4 minutes to 50 seconds. Not only do I save time but I get to feel like Jason Bourne for a fraction of my day now.

Everybody's got their personal favorite shortcuts. Some people are big on walking through the cemetery but I have never and will never do that, for security reasons but even more so for the sake of tradition. Jenkems showed me a route behind some apartments on the corner of South and Kirkwood that literally saved us about 4 seconds. Hey, to each his own. Sometimes telling others about the shortcuts you discover is a moral dilemma - you wanna keep them secret but know you're gonna feel like a dick when your friend who doesn't know it is about to embark on a hike. My recommendation is to take these on a case to case basis. With obvious ones that make shit easier for everyone, you've gotta spread the word. On the other hand, hidden gems should remain hidden gems. Explore a bit. There's only 206 feelings better than taking the path less traveled.


  1. i heard basic elementary math was a challenge for A&S