Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top 500 Feelings - #183 Getting Championship Merchandise

99% of the time, the hats players are given when they win championships are painfully ugly. The fact of the matter is, the designers of these lids can really put whatever the hell they want on it and they're still gonna sell. This year, as long as the designers threw both the UConn and championship logo on the hat somewhere, they could stitch on two huskies banging each other and they'd still fly off the shelves.

This year was different. The hats the players started rocking as soon as the game ended (literally a second after the buzzer, those distributors are damn good at their job) were surprisingly fresh. Yes friends, this marks the nation's official acknowledgment of the return of the snapback. If I was more of a UConn fan I'd be all over one of these bad boys. There's gonna be a lot of these floating around campus soon, mark my words.

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