Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 500 Feelings - #235 Teacher Offers An Extra Credit Question On A Test

Yes, yes, and yes. Getting a lay-up extra credit question at the end of a test is an unbelievable feeling. The 235th best feeling to be exact. It's basically the teacher giving you back some points, but in an unofficial manner, and so the NCAA can't sanction any illegalities. I'm not talking about the extra credit question that asks you to prove a theorem that your math teacher can't even prove. I'm talking about the good stuff. The meatball right over home plate. The type of question that has no wrong answer, and if it does, you'd have to be Simple Jack to get it wrong. It usually compensates for the couple of multiple choice questions you couldn't snipe off your buddy who was sitting to the right of you, and sometimes it even puts you over the 100% threshold if it's a joke class. Good for you teach giving us some extra points. We wont soon forget when we are filling out your PEPs.

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