Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 5: Conversations to Be A Fly On The Wall For

According to The Great Fratsby:

5. Boise State's 2007 Offensive Coordinator/Head Coach Meeting
Those pasty bastards from Idaho. They knew they more or less had no right to even play Oklahoma so they decided to have a little fun. Not only did they pull off the classic hook and ladder, but they followed it up with a sexy little maneuver on the 2 pt conversion to win the thing. Then there was that sleazy marriage proposal after the game by one of the players to a cheerleader. No way those two were dating for more than 3 weeks. No woman is saying no to mystery like that. Arguably the best trick play in football history and there's no way their program would be where it is now without this playcall.

Reggie Bush's Talks With USC:
I was thinking about listening in on Cam Newton but when it came down to it, Bush got way more free goodies and I just like him a lot more. I'd kill to hear Pete Carroll and Co. t
ell Reginald everything that they could provide him with. I'd love to know if they phrased it in code i.e. "If you come we'll certainly take care of you" or did they lay out it all out there i.e. "If you come we'll give you 300,000 dead presidents, a Range Rover, and whatever else your little heart desires."

3. The Trojan Horse Idea
How sick would it be to listen to these Greeks sound totally stumped as to how they were gonna defeat the Trojans, when all of a sudden some space cadet chimes in with a "Wait a minute guys, I think I may have something. Let's build a big fake horse and get inside it and pop out of its ass when they least expect it." Legendary maneuver.

2. In The Car With Tupac Before He Was Shot
I mean I just wanna know if he's dead or not. Also if I was literally a fly I would buzz around Pac's ear right before he was about to get shot so he'd swat me away and hopefully duck to avoid me/the bullets.

1. O.J. Simpson's Murder and Police Chase
Oh man. I'd argue that no human has ever felt as raw of an emotion as O.J. did that day. What was going through his head? "Oh fuck, I'm one of the most popular people in America, I just ended my wife, and the whole world knows it. What should I do now? Let's hop in the Bronco and play it by ear. Aw shit, there's some feds behind me. Aw shit, there's multiple choppers above me with cameras. All right, let's throw out a suicide threat and see what happens. Am I being serious with this threat? I don't even know. What if I can make it to court? Nah, there's no way I'm getting away with this shit. How much gas do I have left? Are they gonna take my Heisman from me?" I wish I was old enough to remember the day this happened. O.J. single-handedly gave Ford Broncos the reputation that Ford Broncos have and without a doubt had
the craziest day anybody can possibly have. That's a man I want to associate myself with.


  1. not bad fratsby, not bad

  2. Solid list. Real quick though the Trojan Horse idea was not just some space cadet, it was Odysseus, who was a boss in his own right. King of Ithaca too.

  3. stop it fratsby, just stop

  4. "I'm A.C. You know who I am, dammit!"