Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stand-up Comedy Is Hard

So this BC comedy group is (was?) up for some college TBS comedy thing. That's as specific as I can be. Do whatever you want with that information. I'm not trying to be a cock, but promoting their comedy group just doesn't happen to be the motivation for this blog. Making fun of these guys isn't either. They're braver than I am, I'll say that. The point of the blog is to show and to muse about how difficult standup comedy is to write and how difficult standup comedy is to deliver. That shit fascinates me. If you're bored and your workload is laughable like mine is, try it. I have. This is literally the best material I came up with:

Something sketchy about humans having iPhone sleep buttons (the top right button) on their shoulders. Not sure where I'd go with it, but I feel like it has potential. Yeah you're right probably not.

Something about going back in time to like the 18th century and showing/telling slave-owners and racists that in the first decade of the 2000's a blasian dude (blasian is PC if he called himself it in a sext right?) would be the best golfer in the world and would pay a white guy to carry his clubs. A Masters win would have really helped that bit.

One of my cleverer friends came up with some good stuff about having a daughter with a tongue ring. Like how that's the biggest slap in the face a father could ever receive, because his daughter is pretty much admitting that she loves giving blow-jobs and that she self-inflicted a wound to perfect the craft.

It's hard. That's all I'm saying. And delivery is a completely different animal entirely. You know when you're just on fire at a party or in conversation with a big group? Comedians are forced to try and bottle that momentum up and put it on stage. Not easy.


  1. First guy's jokes weren't bad but his delivery was poor. Second guy was horrible.

  2. Wait, isn't the first guy Convocation Kid?

  3. The 1st guy is indeed JR Moehringer's best friend.
    To the first guy: Yes, they may not be upper-tier comics or anything, but re-read the article. Getting up on stage and trying to make people laugh is fucking terrifying.

    Also, fuck Emerson. That is all.

  4. Convocation Kid lives on 4th floor edmonds. he's pretty epic.

    poor kevin. he has a girl now, maybe he's getting laid

  5. I laughed when guy no. 2 dropped the line "abstinent by popular demand".

  6. Kevin Hall is a nice guy! He's plowing his way through college.