Sunday, April 17, 2011

Peep My Sleep Cycle

Reader E-Mail:

This was my sleep cycle from Friday night when i passed out.

Admirable. First off, great e-mail. Quick and to the point, no dancing around it, just, "Yo i passed out hard, check it." Homeslice straight embarrasses the "Deep Asleep" mark. He should get his own level, maybe just "Carcass". Our reader hit the hay at 1:27 and enjoyed himself a nice little coma until 9:00 (also admirable wake-up time). Love how there's no transition from near-death sleep to the wake up. That line is straight vertical. This kid didn't bother messing around with tossing and turning in the morning, just hopped right out of bed the second he woke up. For the record, Broston does not endorse comas. We are anti-coma.


  1. what is this app and how do i get it??

  2. I'm glad to know where Broston stands on the contentious coma issue. Now I feel more justified in reading this blog.

  3. I wish i could "like" comments. consider this a like ^.

  4. classic keg bropez