Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Messing Up A Lyric While Singing Along

I honestly don’t think there’s a more awkward moment out there. Sometimes we’re brazen. Sometimes we start singing along with/lip syncing a song that we’re not completely comfortable with. Not “Piano Man” or “Follow Me” or “Tiny Dancer”, songs that you could recite backwards blacked out, but maybe something newer, one you’ve only heard a couple of times. But you’re feeling cocky and vocal and it’s Thursday so you start belting. And then it happens. Fucking up a lyric while singing along feels like a sort of miniature seizure. Your heart immediately sinks and you quickly try and reverse the error by forming a word that resembles baby gibberish to cover your tracks before hopping right back in. Did anyone notice? Did I play it off OK? Can I recover? Should I just take my medicine, shut up and let Drake do his thing? As far as awkward, internal moments go, the song lyric screwup ranks pretty high. Take comfort in this: It happens to the best of us.

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