Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Matt Nathanson "Sells Out" Free Show At Robsham Saturday Night

I had no idea this was sold out and was about to pose the question: Worth the price of (free) admission? I guess the consensus is yes. I'm assuming 90% of you are going for one song and one song only (maybe two if you're a diehard), and I can't blame you. I mean let's give credit where credit is due...

Will he outdo the free Ryan Cabrera show of 2010? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

P.S. To give you some perspective, Robsham couldn't seat our Twitter following.


  1. who gave michael j fox a guitar?

  2. If you suspend your overall manhood for like 20 minutes and listen to some of his songs, you'll understand why he quote sold out his free concert so fast. The guy is fucking awesome plus he puts on a great/hilarious live show, and he's local (from Lexington).

  3. Pssh. I hear some guy is telling a story about how he managed a brothel for a summer at Roggies at 8. Sounds quality.

  4. the show was pretty awesome. he joked about sex and drinking all night... sounds like your kind of man broston