Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Another Crutch To The Face In Walsh

Reader E-mail:

Hey bros,

Last friday night shenanigans went down in walsh during a hard post game bro sesh and this was the outcome. Kid hit himself in the face with a crutch and woke up the next morning with a mild concussion. Enjoy.

- KenDawg

This weekend has been really encouraging, and not just because Brad Stevens got back to the title game. Tons of reader shit flowing in. Some of it sucks, but let's face it, not all of us were put on this earth to be hilarious. The point is, some of you are hilarious and at the very least, most of you get retardedly drunk on the weekends. We want more reader involvement, and if you send us BC related content/videos and they're funny, guess what, they're going to get posted. I know a lot of you have woken up on Sunday, crowded around an iPhone or computer, and laughed your asses off at a video taken the night before. Girls hooking up, ceiling tiles getting punched out, signs being stolen, fights, whatever it may be. I want that fucking video. Send me that video, and instead of making your 6th best friend in your 8 man laugh, you can make Broston nation laugh instead.

I know this self-inflicted crutch shot isn't that funny/entertaining, but I wanted to make the point. BC kids like watching fellow BC kids act drunk and dumb. Also love how my man is looking for dap after he annihilates himself in the face and gets 0 love in return.


  1. hahahha. no dap for the drunk idiot who makes an ass of himself

  2. showin some love to the 507. keep up the good work buddy we're behind you

  3. 507 walsh...respect