Friday, April 1, 2011

How Far Drinking Fountains Have Come

BC is relatively blessed when it comes to drinking fountains. Well, BC is relatively blessed when it comes to a lot of things, but for this conversation’s sake, let’s keep it at drinking fountains. Think back a few years. After an insane gym class back in the middle-school days, kids who weren’t lying in a pile of their own tears would race to the water fountain. Nothing was worse than finally getting to the front of the line only to feel warm water dribble out. You were dying for a drink, but the water wasn’t getting any separation from the metal, so you debated whether you should pucker up and suck the thing or cut your losses and wait for fruit break. You chose the latter because the only guy who actually put his mouth on the drinking fountain was the fat kid who smelled bad, and you didn’t want to catch anything he was spreading. There was only one quality fountain at my school, and that line was always too ridiculous for me. That’s a bad water fountain experience.

Fast forward to present day. At halftime of your intramural basketball game, you jog over to the fountain and hydrate. The water is cold, and the flow is nice. You’re quenched, but that’s not all that this fountain has to offer. You grab the Gatorade you drank on the way over and fill that up to the brim. “To the brim?” you ask. Yes. to the brim. The awkward tilt of filling up a water-bottle at a water fountain is a thing of the past. The straight vertical drop featured in the Plex is awesome. Cold water flowing nicely from multiple places. What more could you ask for at halftime of an intramural game?

P.S. the counter of that thing is so off. Every time you fill up one water bottle it counts at least two.

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