Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Facebook Etiquette

For some reason this week I've been bombarded with one too many facebook event invitations and that got me thinking about facebook "manners." When sent an event invitation, you really have one of two options; click a reply or let it marinate. As I've seen from personal experience, more and more kids are just letting the event invitations sit. No one wants to tip their hand too early, so they wait patiently to make their move like Jenkems during add/drop week (or is it drop/add week?). If you do decide to respond, you can either let them know you are attending, give them a maybe, or tell them flat out no, which is translated into "go fuck yourself."

I've learned that the kids who say they are 'attending' are the social butterflies. This group you'll see consistently with each event invitation. You know who you're getting and you know they'll be true to their word. The kids who say 'maybe' are the jokesters. This could range from any friends at home who can't feasibly make it to the event, to even a best friend here who is actually the one throwing the party. The kids who say 'no' are the dicks. These are the people that have no shot of going and want everyone to know that they will be doing something instead during the time slot alloted by the facebook invitation. So what does that mean for all of the kids who don't reply? It most likely means they are the cool kids. These are always the kids whose plans you're dying to know. The heartbreak kids. You try and see if their friends are going to get a better understanding but you're never quite sure because you're still awaiting their reply.

Should everyone have to reply? Well that's tough to implement. It might make chick hunting easier but it also takes away the excitement of seeing someone who wasn't on the attending guest list. It's tough to tell how good a party is going to be just from the facebook event page nowaday, considering I get facebook invites for everything. Those that have mastered the art of the reply, good work. Those of you out there still feeling it out, take your time while we chill on twitter.

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