Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disciplinary Meetings

I'm not going to pretend to be a destructive, trouble-making badass. Never really been my cup of tea. I'm small, sneaky and nimble, so avoiding trouble has never been incredibly difficult for me either. That being said, I have found myself in a handful of disciplinary meetings at BC. It's pretty hard to avoid them. I have my gripes with the BC judicial system, we all do, but at this point, those problems are far too ingrained in the culture of the school for me to even want to complain about them. What does bother me juuusstt enough to whine about is the tone in which the squares who conduct these meetings take when dealing out punishments.

Before you walk through the door you know basically how that meeting is going to go. Twelve holes in the wall, beers found, noise complaint, hand railing torn out of Walsh. You know what you did, they know what you did, you're sure not to give them anything they don't have hard proof of, they give you disciplinary or housing or university probation or whatever it may be, and you walk out the door. My problem, like I said, is the tone. It seems like every Res Life officer/administrator (or whatever those people who used to get picked on in dodgeball call themselves) is always trying to act like your cool aunt/uncle. They're always saying something like, "Listen guys, I was in college, I knew how to party, I want you guys to party, party your asses off." When in reality they're saying, "Listen guys, I was in college, I knew how to party, I want you guys to party, party your asses off....but seriously don't or we'll rape and torture you like we are right now." If you wanted us to have fun I wouldn't be sitting here, would I? All I'm thinking in that meeting is "You're punishing me for something stupid and I hate you," that's it. No matter what. You trying to act fresh is only making it worse.


  1. Wise words, all truth.

  2. Excellent post. ResLife is all haters and losers