Friday, April 1, 2011

Dangerous Fountain

Why don't we stay on the topic of water fountains at BC while we're at it. I came across this fountain in the basement of Carney (aka the Middle School) the other day. Why did I take a picture of it? Because it got the better of me. I was 99% parched after contributing 2 comments during my history discussion and decided to stop at this seemingly harmless fountain to fill up for the long trek ahead of me. I put my face down close to the nozzle, thinking the pressure would be somewhat low. I was wrong. This thing shot up and nailed me in the eye like I was Sasha Grey. I was never too good at trigonometry but this stream of water has got to be close to 73.5 degrees (I solved it by taking the sin(chafe(90'))) I have never seen a fountain with such power before. It has got to be on roids. Consider this a warning for everyone out there who is thirsty in the basement of Carney. If you take a look at the modified picture you can see just how ridiculous the water stream is.

1 comment:

  1. 3rd floor fulton left side (left when facing the front from the quad) is way worse. severe danger from that shit.