Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chafe - When Assholes Push The Footrest Out

It’s a chafe and a half this one. When I’m using a footrest, it’s positioned just how I want it. Sure, there’s room for another set of feet, but damn it don’t screw it up. Getting comfortable while watching TV takes time. I was lucky enough to snag the best seat in the room, and now the experience is ruined. Ever since some asshole put his feet on the footrest it’s been gradually sliding farther and farther away from me. The worst part about it is he doesn’t even notice. He isn’t bothered by it at all because he wasn’t here when it was comfortable. He’s blissfully sitting there with his feet on the side of the footrest while I can just feel my feet running out of space. He’s just here to fuck shit up. It doesn’t take a Higgins Regular to know that putting your feet on the side of an ottoman will push it outwards. They have to be resting on top of the footrest, just like our little friend here. Once it’s been moved, it’s going to take a solid 10-15 minutes for me to get it just right again. By that time, One Shining Moment will surely be over. Thanks a lot, you sadist. In the future, just be mindful of moving my shit when I’m stone-cold lounging.


  1. chafe status? baby chafe at best.

  2. ya, definitely a baby chafe, and youre gonna write an article on ricky and not put him as in option in the poll, come on