Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chafe - Having Nobody To Eat With

I'm a strictly middle of the day class person. Since I was a freshman it's been noon, 1 pm, and 2 pm classes. That's it and that's all. This trend obviously poses some lunchtime issues. The main one being that I'm always in class during lunchtime. This means I've almost never been a part of a consistent 'lunch crew', a luxury I'm sure many of you enjoy on a daily basis. This also means I frequently find myself hungry, on campus, and alone. Sometimes I get lucky and run in to a friend or chance upon an all-star cast at Hillside. Sometimes I just can't bare it and I skip class to be a part of other lunch crews.

You see, I was traumatized very early on. Freshman year. Sitting alone. A kid (probably a very nice kid with a very nice family) walks over, the word 'pity' stamped to his forehead, and he invites me to come and "sit with him and a few other transfer kids at their table who also don't have many friends".... I think that little anecdote should give you a pretty good sense of why I'm uncomfortable sitting and eating alone.

You do have options, none of them good. Take out your computer (probably your best bet), (pretend to be doing) homework, (pretend to be reading) the newspaper, take your food to the library (so awkward if you get yelled at), eat on the fly, eat in class (so awkward if you get yelled at), or don't eat. Or you can suck it up, ignore the insecurity, and look like Glansberg. Like I said, none of them good.


  1. couldnt write this post without dropping glansberg in there hahaha

  2. steven fucking glansburg.....eating dessert by himself