Monday, April 25, 2011

Chafe - Crossing Traffic

The life and death situation that comes into play while crossing traffic usually brings your A game in terms of paying attention. One of the first things I remember being taught as a kid was look to left and look right before crossing the street. I bet that was actually the only thing we needed to learn to pass the 1st grade (I wish I could have had fresh graduation parties like Billy Madison). I've had many years of experience under my belt (how many belts on average do you think a person has?) when it comes to crossing traffic, but recently the traffic has been getting harder to cross. Maybe we've unlocked the next level or something, but I feel like I've heard of many more accidents than ever before. I know two kids that have gotten hit by cars this year alone. Before that I don't think I knew two kids in my life who had gotten hit. I see a lot of kids with their headphones in listening to ch-unes, and I see a lot of people who are twalking (tweeting & walking). The fact of the matter is, danger is all around us. So take caution, and especially in Cleveland Circle area a.k.a. our own little Times Square. That place houses what has to be one of the top five worst intersections in the country.