Monday, April 4, 2011

Chafe - Ankle Socks

To be honest, I'm not really sure why ankle socks still exist. Look at them. Literally those things disgust me. They can't possibly improve your ankle-down look, no matter the footwear, and they're not nearly as comfortable as mid-calves. It's 2011, and it's a mid-calf world. In my opinion, if you play basketball in ankle socks you look stupid, if you work out in ankle socks you should be asked to leave the gym, and if you play lax in ankle socks, well then you don't deserve to live. Again, this is just my opinion.

Ankle socks don't measure up in any facet of the game. You want to impress an employer at your next interview? Leave the dress socks at home. Cross your legs and flash that white Nike swoosh on your black middies. Power suit, power tie, power sock.


  1. i'm enjoying this recent binge of using the ideas on my intern application

    also the white mids are formally called "playmakers"

  2. mid calves are for fags, just my opinion.

  3. Your a retard..