Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Chafe - When Piss Dribbles Back At Your Feet Mid-Stream

Kudos to the ladies that read the title of this post past the words "when piss". Regardless, I'd say this is a pretty asexual post. Nothing is better than a nice leak outdoors. Momma Nature offers the biggest toilet seat in the world, and one where you're never confined and missing is impossible. The only trouble that comes into play is when the surface is slanted down back towards your feet. If you have a longer-than-usual piss and you're unable to distance that thing far enough away, there could very well come a moment when you either gotta dangle like Ovechkin (rumor has it he only wears his fake tooth around his parents) or take the hit-by-pitch and get a base on balls. For some reason I feel like this almost always happens in the vicinity of a car.

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  1. This post is "asexual"? It doesn't have a sex?