Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Kyle Singler Doesn't Want You To Know...

Now that his time at Duke is done, there's a few things I thought you guys should know about Kyle.

Kyle Singler warned me 9 times in a row on AIM.
Kyle Singler is turned on by pantylines.
Kyle Singler borrows your pens and chews them.
Kyle Singler's dad is Jack Parker.
Kyle Singler wrote BYU's Honor Code.
Kyle Singler turns down the piece of bread at Eagle's Nest.
Kyle Singler insists on watching the entire intro of video games every time he plays.
Kyle Singler holds hands with his girlfriend around campus.
Kyle Singler has never lost his Eagle ID card.
Kyle Singler refused to sign the "Bring Doritos 3D Back" Petition.
Kyle Singler knows the MLA citation format by heart.
Kyle Singler actually buys extra lead for his mechanical pencils.
Kyle Singler's dad is Muammar Qaddafi.
Kyle Singler doesn't take 5 people when he's driving his cab.
Kyle Singler asks dealers if they can direct him to the "Go Fish" table at casinos.
Kyle Singler leaves you voicemails that are two seconds long and consist of nothing but the noise of him hanging up.
Kyle Singler prints nothing under 80 pages at the O'Neill print station.
Kyle Singler never knows where the cups are.
Kyle Singler bit off Chubbs' hand.
Kyle Singler doesn't feel comfortable signing you in when you miss class.


  1. these never get old

  2. the warning on aim holy shit hahahaha

  3. You are implying that singler has a girlfriend.....something fishy here!

  4. Kyle Singler has a crush on Rebecca Black

  5. ^kid definitely spent hours laboring over the intern application

  6. Two dads for Kyle Singler? Maury should straighten that one out.