Monday, March 21, 2011

What Kyle Singler Doesn't Want You To Know

Kyle Singler chooses to use the urinal next to you when others are available.

Kyle Singler likes PBS telethons.

Kyle Singler was driving the truck that crashed into Gary Bertier.

Kyle Singler rooms with the person who told everyone to leave Britney alone.

Kyle Singler didn’t make it a minute on the dating show NEXT.

Kyle Singler likes Epcot better than Disney World.

Kyle Singler asks his teachers to ban laptops in class.

Kyle Singler pees with his pants at his ankles.

Kyle Singler produced the Bernie and Phyl's Commercial.

Kyle Singler has a roller backpack.

Kyle Singler says he buys Playboy for the articles...and isn’t lying.

Kyle Singler still frequently says “that’s what she said”.

Kyle Singler drops the soap on purpose.

Kyle Singler cares about Ronny and Sam's relationship from The Jersey Shore.

Kyle Singler prefers the B line to the D line.

Kyle Singler invented College Road.

Kyle Singler is Randall Weems from Recess.

Kyle Singler prefers the middle seat.


  1. these are by far your funniest posts please keep them coming

  2. ^ I dunno about that, but the B line/D line one was solid.

  3. Definitely a step above the last one.

  4. wouldnt he pee with his pants at his ankles anyway because he sits down when he pees?

  5. Kyle Singler has four 1 seeds as his Final Four every year.

  6. these are so good haha liked this one

  7. A Recess reference? Well played Broston, well played.

  8. THE 4TH Comment is Timmy was his birthday yesterday.

  9. the third one is truth.

  10. Kyle Singler frequently plays bunco with coach K's wife