Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 500 Feelings - #119 Bracket Confidence

Let me preface this by saying that nothing in the sports world gets my balls hard (?) more than the first round of March Madness. Anything is possible. Or in the words of the semi-literate KG, "impossible is nothing." Wrong KG, impossible is you attending college. Alas, the day is upon us. THE day. Patty's. Tourney. Thursday. That day.

Generally when I fill out my bracket I do a quick run-through and come up with an extremely rough first draft. Kind of like "free-writing" which I just learned about in freshman writing seminar. Not kidding, don't ask. Anyway, I start to build on this roughie (probably got 2-3 9's over 8's, 10's over 7's, maybe one bold one, etc. (girls - this is where you stop reading)). I look it over and think about what players I loved this year (UNC's Henson, Washington's Isaiah, Cuse's Scoop, UNC's Barnes, BYU's new Jesus) and automatically donate to them an extra round in the tourney. I think about the guys I despised this year (UNC's Zeller, Duke's Nolan, everyone else on BYU) and subtract a round from where I had them finishing in my rough. As you can see there's a real conflict of interest with UNC here, but the fact that I like two of their players and loathe one goes in their favor (as for BYU no one else matters but Jimmer). I've always had this weird thing with 5-seeds but none look too promising this year.

I'll be honest, I've definitely been more confident in past years when it comes to putting up team ornaments on the branches of my bracket christmas tree (strung-out analogy of the day). My final four is shaky and damn do I hate that I have ND in there. Side note - I don't abide by the superstition/common-sense strategy of not telling others what my picks are. If you want them, take them, I'm no Lunardi, and if you think I am I must be doing something right. Nonetheless I do have a certain belief in this bracket. After all, it's not like I bet my pink slip in this pool...

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