Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Title IX, We Gettt Ittt

Listen ladies, I'm all for you playing hoops, just as long as it's not at the plex or MSG. Basketball is fresh and us dudes wont ball hog all the fun. But where you cross the line is when your little tournament interferes with the Men's NCAA Tourney. I'll admit I am not always 100% focused when watching Sportscenter and too many times recently have I found myself confused and befuddled for a split second as I look at the bracket scores on the right side of ESPN and ESPN2. I glance and see scores like UNC 86, Kentucky 74 and get mad only to realize a second later that it was women's ball. If it were up to me the whole women's tourney would be broadcasted on We TV (or trade us ESPN2 for TruTV). All I'm saying is that it makes things more confusing than they have to be. Either take your tourney elsewhere or give BC Men's Lacrosse back.

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