Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stealing Phone Upgrades

Stealing family phone upgrades is as common as playing with the Vancouver Canucks in NHL '11. I don't know the exact time you have to wait to get an upgrade, but I do know that in a family of six, there is always one to be had. Sisters and mothers are the easy ones to pray on. As far as I'm concerned, they don't know what an upgrade is (I really hope they aren't reading this). Us technologically savvy Men know how many tins an upgrade can save you. The prices get rolled back and instead of dropping big dough on the new iFresh 4 for Verizon, you pay a measly 2hundo. With that being said, there is nothing worse than going in to a store to use an upgrade you've been saving since your 2004 LG Chocolate, only to find out you've been swindled by another family member. You're in as bad a mood as when you found out Chris Farley OD'd on drugs, but you eat it, because you know that you can't puppy guard your upgrades. It's a first come first serve type of thing. If I happen to drop my blueberry in the toilet and I need a new phone, well, tough luck for you Pops, I'm taking your upgrade.

P.S. Cool Runnings is on HBO on demand now.

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  1. painful opposite of this: breaking a phone and downgrading to an old one