Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some Brief Reflections On Tonight's Sweetness

Mini Chafe should be writing this shit because he knows more about college hoops than I do, but he's either playing Fifa or playing Fifa.

UConn vs. SDSU - Yeah, Kemba time. If there was ever a 2 seed to casually go away in the sweet 16 it's this San Diego St. squad. Steve Fisher did coach the Fab 5 which is pretty hood, but I still like the Rice High, New York Gauchos product. No way a loss tonight is how Kemba Walker is making his exit from college basketball.

BYU vs. FLA - Chandler Parsons is so fresh. But Jimmer is Jimmer. He lit them up for 37 last year in an double OT tourney win and my guess is he goes for at least that tonight in a victory for the state of Utah/the Mitt Romney camp.

Duke vs. Zona - This will be a tough game for Arizona to win, let's face that fact. That being said, every fiber of my being will be pulling for Derrick Williams and the boys. Two sneaky wins, both involved D-Will in the end. Fuck Kyle Singler. Let's move on. Zona by 2 I guess.

Butler vs. Wisconsin - Not going to pretend to know much about Wisconsin. Mostly because I try to disassociate myself with anything resembling Big 10 Basketball. It literally disgusts me (Izzo the obvious exception). Leuer is the force, Jordan Taylor is good. Brad Stevens and Matty Howard win this chess match 10 out of 10 times literally. Take it to the bank

If it's Jimmer and Butler in the 8 I'll die happy.


  1. exception not acception. 1 too many nattys huh uncle C?

  2. Baby chafe: when you know your bracket is officially busted