Monday, March 14, 2011

Housing Lottery

Let the sleazing begin as friendships are ruined and crews are formed. It's time to shave off the dead weight and incorporate the new free agent friend signings. It's a time when friends become enemies and group meetings become secretive and selective. The attempt to find a perfect rotation is never an easy one and bridges are more-than-usually burned along the way. It's a time when freshman are shitting themselves and praying to the housing Gods that they don't get CoRo. Team Newton is ready to dechafe as they look to avoid a 2 year skid and finally become part of the BC community on lower campus. Sophofresh's get to sit back and watch all of this happen as they await Montgomery, the off campus fun police for Juniors. The class of 2012 has to sort through Mod eligibility as they try and find that Fab 6. Every year is a contract year for students, and those of you that didn't come to play shouldn't expect to get re-signed.

From my personal experience, I've noticed that dudes handle this time of year a lot better than chicks. O how many tears I saw shed after the Housing Lottery of '09. Here are a couple of questions left before the draft begins tomorrow:

Is Vanderslice the new Walsh?
Why do girls live in the Mods?
What year is Dave Shinskie?
Is the new check-in craze spreading throughout lower?
Will Ignacio become a powerhouse?
Are the Juniors going to lockout?
Who will get the hail mary 9 mans?

Good luck to those that are in this fight and God bless those who are lucky enough to get Mods.

P.S. I don't care if Omni is checking IDs at the gates of Walsh, I'm taking that building every day off the week and twice on Thursday.


  1. love Omni. more than once has he helped me dodge BCPD.

  2. "What year is Dave Shinskie?"


  3. One of the top feelings of last year was finding out I got that mod. So glad I don't have to deal with that emotional rollercoaster again. Best of luck

  4. I feel like I used all of my housing good luck with the 9 man sophomore year... Still holding out hope for a sweet, sweet modular

  5. Good post. Smiled.

  6. A shitton of girls got mods this year

  7. stoop kid is a shithead

  8. this was a fantastic post. in walsh next year cant wait to experience the legends of that hall

  9. got lucky with a four man suite block in walsh. can't wait to carry on the legacy.