Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tables Have Turned

OXFORD, Miss. -- Floyd Raven says his mom was just trying to help when she forged his signature on a letter of intent to Mississippi on Wednesday morning.

Instead, she only caused confusion. He had decided to go to Texas A&M.

"Long story short, my mom thought she was helping me out," Raven said in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday evening. "I wasn't home and she sent it in. I never told her I had changed my mind to Texas A&M. I forgive her for it. It was an honest mistake."

Once Mississippi coach Houston Nutt learned that the letter of intent was forged he declined to get into specifics about the incident. All he would say was Raven's "mom really wanted him [at Ole Miss]. Mom wanted him here in the worst way."

Well that certainly is a long story that's short. It's the year 2011 and kids have finally surpassed parents on the totem poll. It seemed like just yesterday when I was forging my mom's signature to get out of precalculus tests in high school. Now look at things. Parents are forging their own kid's signature. I guess Floyd's really only got one option here, he's going to have to ground her.

P.S. I got offered a full ride to North Dakota State during national signing day yesterday. Still on the fence about accepting (hopefully my mom doesn't forge my siggy).

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  1. Houston Nutt trying to get his nut with floyd's mom. That's so raven