Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chafe - The "Fuck I Should Have Worn A Bigger Jacket" Feeling

Why do we do this to ourselves? It's been more or less the exact same temperature for 2-3 months, and yet every now and then we go out in just a light Fratagonia or a simple Nike hoody. Is it from all those hours of posting up on the couch playing COD? Do we just forget what the outside feels like? Is it because we didn't do our laundry (who actually washes snowjackets)? Is it the adderall pumping through our recently-fully-pubescent bodies? Who knows.

Two chafes to this issue: One (1): Not wearing the proper amount of layers. But Two (2) and more importantly: being the first guy to admit you were wrong. Look, you may have shit the bed and not worn that jacket your mom bought you last Christmas, but if another guy in your walking party admits he's cold before you do, you've got a glimmer of hope. While you're somewhere in the baby-chafed to mediocrely-chafed region, this guy's chafe meter has reached Defcon-1. Chafe-ageddon. Threat Level Midnight. Bask in that 1% warmness you have in knowing you're not him (he's probably named Noah or Micah). And if you're him, my thoughts go out to you. A word of advice: start jogging.

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  1. wear a bigger jacket to this: