Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 500 Feelings - #102 A Good Home-Cooked Meal

I consider myself a big-time fan of the local eateries around campus. They suck my wallet dry but I'll be damned if I'm not satisfied after every Roggie's chicken parm/Boloco smoothie/Dunkin muffin. I tell myself that eating on campus is basically the same price as going to these establishments, but that's mainly just to make myself feel less guilty about blowing mommy and daddy’s greenbacks. Of course this mindset is forgetting to take into account the fact that Eagle Bucks/meal plan money is not actually real money. I digress.

As Thanksgiving arrives, we all take a break from both on-campus dining and Brighton eateries to head home. Other than getting to bash cheeks with your go-to hookup at home (hopefully she’s picked up a few new tricks at school), the best thing about Thanksgiving break is the food. If you disagree with that, get the fuck off my website. Yeah, you get to hit up your favorite delis and breakfast spots at home but I’m talking about that finger-lickin’, chop-smackin, mommy-made grub. What we all took for granted for 18 years is now a treasured rarity. This week, we’re all members of the Clean Plate Club. Don’t act like your mom didn’t play that game with you too. Not only is it free, this shit is good, so thank your ma’s and pa’s for the grind they put in in the kitchen.

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