Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chafe - Poison Ivy

For years I’ve been shown what a poison ivy plant looks like and been told I should be able to recognize one and stay away from it. Do you think I actually check plants before I venture into the woods to get the basketball that took a bad bounce in my driveway? Do you think I take leaf samples before running from the cops through random people’s backyards? Hell no. Poison ivy is something that just hits you when you least expect it and flat out sucks to have. Everyone is always hesitant that they are about to get poison ivy in uncharted territory but that never actually stops anyone from doing something. You just get the football, take the hit and hope the cream you put on it makes it go away quickly (especially before a Thursday night).Why does poison ivy even exist? Do people plant it? The itching, the redness, the chafe, none of it has any upside besides the fact that you can claim you were technically “poisoned.” The worst is when someone else spreads the poison ivy to you. As if it’s not bad enough that they got it, they share the wealth by making you suffer as well.

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