Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chafe - No EZ Pass

First off, I don't know why these things don't come built in to every car. The ultimate chafe, traffic, usually stems from the jam up at toll booths. We could potentially kill two birds with one (key)stone by making EZ passes mandatory in every car. What sucks is that you never realize you don't have an EZ pass until you start scrambling to find it driving up to the toll booth. The worst is when you even have the two sticker/velcro patches on your window, meaning you have an EZ pass but it's in a different car. Everyone this summer is going to have to go through a toll booth eventually, whether on a road trip or driving to work, so avoid the chafe by saving some cash and spending the monopoly money from the EZ pass (do our parents just get charged to their credit cards? How do these things even work?).

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