Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where Are They Now? - L.L. Bean Backpacks

I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, L.L. Bean backpacks would've stayed in style until 2012 (when the world as we know it comes to a halt). However, somewhere along the way L.L. Bean backpacks joined the elite group of extinction alongside dinosaurs, overhead projectors, head nod's symbolizing "Sup," and Woolly Mammoths. L.L. Bean backpacks were the absolute craze back in middle school. Not only did they come in all colors, but you could even get your own initials (or those of a loved one) embroidered on your backpack (I felt bad for the kids whose initials spelled PMS, ASS, JEW, or FAG). But then, like all fads, as we grew up we grew out of them (most of us atleast, I still no-scope an L.L. Bean once in a blue moon). One day, out of nowhere (I think in October), sagging your L.L. Bean backpack below your butt just wasn't the "hip" thing anymore. It soon became an easy target for the bully Seniors in the High School (no one wanted a chocolate swirley as a frosh).

The replacement for the L.L. Bean backpacks? North Face backpacks. These new, all purpose, all terrain backpacks have as many zippers as a Club Lax Harrow bag. Wearing your backpack as tight as you can became the new backpack-sag, and the variety of cool colors diminished to just black and blue. Everyone's backpack now looks the same, and with no initials to distinguish them apart, a lot of unnecessary mix-ups occur. Where art thou L.L. Bean backpacks? I never should have abandoned you, come back to poppa. You can still get them now for prices ranging up to 40 dollars (less than (or equal to) the price of two thirties). Let's unite as one and bring them back.

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