Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Picking Your Study Spot

I don't really study. I sit in a desk with my computer, switching between my E-Mail, ESPN, Broston, YouTube,, Facebook, and iTunes. Oh and Friendster. Every now and then I'll check in on my study guide just to see how the little guy is doing. I'll remember a few key terms when I feel waves of guilt when I remember how much my parents pay for my education, and then I'll cycle through all of the aforementioned websites again. That sense of guilt is the only reason my class rank isn't 6 digits. Where I study is what determines that sense of guilt.

Studying in bed makes me feel super guilty but at the same time super comfy, so the two cancel out and I find myself in the never-ending abyss we refer to as the "Related Videos" toolbar on YouTube. O'Neill isn't bad, but I get caught up reading the shit written on the desks, which deserves an article in itself. I never understood kids who write something as basic as "New England Patriots" on a desk. Cool, you're a fan of the local team and you want whoever's studying there to know it. A kid from Staten Island who probably spends most of his waking hours slamming bi's, tri's and bench in the plex disagrees and argues "Fuck the Pats, Jets rule." There's the 14 inch veiny dicks drawn by kids who should probably be art majors staring down at me as I scout broads on Facebook . There's the phone numbers offering a "good time" that I'm always tempted to call and see what happens when I suggest meeting in 10 minutes at the Bapst bus stop. It's just too much.

Finals add a whole new dimension to the study arena scene. Classrooms are free game to study in. But now anytime I go in a classroom with 2 or 3 people in it, some cocknugget is playing a mash-up song that I've never heard out of his laptop speakers just to let others in the room know he's down with the underground music scene. Or, two girls who are friends but not that good of friends but are stuck studying for the same test together are half-singing/half murmuring songs I've heard at every house party I've been to in the last two months. This is their way of saying, "I party a lot, this studying thing is weird to me, shouldn't I be partying?!" I can't take it. I'm Adderall-ed up but now I'm focusing on what these dumbasses are saying to each other instead of memorizing Hume's beef with Descartes.

I jump from dorm to library to classroom to study lounge, exchanging questions and answers with kids regarding when they start finals, when they're going home, where they're working this summer-all answers I will forget 5 seconds after they tell me. I just want it to be summer already so I can get to regretting all the time I spent writing this and not working.

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