Friday, May 14, 2010

Loud Music Out Of Headphones

Now, not all of us are fortunate enough to have sick noise canceling headphones. Rather, most of us don't have the balls to wear them on the walk to class. What we settle with are either the white iPod ear buds or a better version of Bose ear buds. The problem? Everyone can hear what you are listening to. Before you pick sides of who's right and who's wrong, let me dive into this topic and give you a look from both perspectives.

Guy NOT with headphones: No one enjoys listening to someone else's music through headphones. It's basically loud enough so that you're paying attention, but too quiet to actually hear what the lyrics are. We get it, you're jamming out on your walk to class. Can you at least have a little courtesy and turn it down a notch? I'm hungover from Thursday night and really don't need any unnecessary noise in my life right now. You give a look or two hoping they will pick up on your hint, but after a while you realize they're selfish and that they're going to continue to jam out as loud as they can.

Guy with headphones: It is not tough being this character. First off, if you are in an enclosed environemnt (i.e. an elevator), everyone can hear what you're listening to. This means when you're blasting "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster" by Geto Boys, the black kid in the elevator is going to judge you and give you a look that basically says, "Change the fucking song." So you seek to the next song (via shuffle) and what else comes on other than "Forever and Always" by Taylor Swift. Now that really hot chick in your Econ class thinks you're a total pussy and you can kiss goodbye any chance you may have had of getting with her. Your music selection is very limited and usually dwindles down to the options of: Dave Mathews Band, Slightly Stoopid, or any and all Classic Rock. All you want to do is enjoy your music peacefully (and by peacefully I mean on full blast) without getting looks like you're Mike Ross. There's a reason why you have headphones in and aren't walking around with a giant boombox on your shoulder. You don't want to be bothered. That means when someone sees you with headphones in, no conversation should be started. Not only do you want to be left alone while listening to music on your way to class (after flight school of course) but you sure as hell don't want to deal with the approaching-person-headphone-chafe. When you see someone in the distance and it looks like they want to talk, do you pull one earbud out? Do you take them both out? Do you unplug your chord? Do you pause the iPod as a whole? None of the above. You give a head nod and continue traversing the Sahara Desert to get to Carney.

So before you pass judgment either way, just put yourself in their shoes, or better yet, their headphones. We are a loud generation and we listens to loud music. If you can't beat them, join them. Start a little sing-a-long on the elevator and maybe everyone will cheer up.

P.S. The kids that do wear the giant headphones probably are the ones that love haters also.

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