Monday, May 3, 2010

How I Got Jobbed - BCPD-Impersonators Prank Phone Call Uncle Chafe

Needless to say, it was a big day for us. We got into The Heights, a lot of new people checked out the site, we made 7 dollars on ad revenue (which I'll use for cabs on Thursday). On this sun-drenched Spring day things went well for the men of I feel like I might even be on the verge of getting a girl's screen name just because I'm a part of it. Then a call comes in like an hour ago with the voice of someone who calls themself a BCPD officer, asking if I have time to talk. Let me say this before I continue: I completely bought it. Hook, line and sinker. Whoever this evil, evil human being is can really sell a prank phone call. Honestly the kid must have been the absolute shit at sleepovers in 8th grade. He told me a lot of people were upset about the picture with the PCLL trophy, said we were promoting underage drinking, that we needed to stop encouraging a "frat" culture at a Jesuit school, basically that we needed to cease and desist in every way. Said he was going to bring me, Fratsby, Jenkems and Utah in tomorrow to talk. I just bought it. Never questioned it. Never considered the possibility that it was fake in any way. For 10 minutes I truly felt like, everything that we've worked for, was falling apart in front of my eyes. Although the person at the other end of the line completely dominated me in every facet of the game, I think I held my own as best I could. Here's to you BCPD prankster, this round is yours. Mondays just never are as easy as they seem.

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