Thursday, May 13, 2010

FOR SALE - The Field Of Dreams

DYERSVILLE, Iowa -- In "Field of Dreams," Kevin Costner's character builds a baseball diamond out of a corn field after a voice tells him: "If you build it, he will come."

Well, now he can buy it and so can anyone else.

Don and Becky Lansing, the owners of the site near Dyersville where the field was built by Universal Studios, said Thursday they're selling the property. The asking price is $5.4 million.

The couple said they love the land, which has been in Don Lansing's family for more than a century, but they're ready to retire and give up the property.

"It's really time for us to head to the locker room. Maybe that sounds corny. I don't care," Becky Lansing told The Associated Press. "We really would just love to become spectators. We want to sit in the bleachers. We want to look forward to all that the 'Field of Dreams' will become in the future."

The "Field of Dreams" is in the middle of a cornfield in eastern Iowa. The movie, released in 1989 with Costner as its star, was based on the book "Shoeless Joe" by W.P. Kinsella.


Wow. Just wow. So let me get this straight (moving forward let's just assume for the sake of my own arousal that I have $5.4 mil lying around). If I buy it... I can build it... And then they'll come? How has this piece of land not sold yet is what I want to know. What are some of the great American pastimes? Wealth, stupidity, baseball, and Iowa. If you mix all of those together and put them into your Easy-Bake Oven what do you get? Well, presumably what you get is a fat, rich, Costner-loving hero who is gonna sign a check for this piece of heaven by Friday. Who wants to go in on this thing with me? I'm down to throw the $154.73 to my name. If anyone wants to make up the difference please e-mail us.

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