Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girlfriend/Boyfriend Interaction on Facebook

Now, I’m not one for any form of PDA (kissing in front of people, holding hands, sitting on laps, etc.), but modern technology has provided an entirely new medium for PDA, and completely taken the practice to the next level. The newest member of the PDA club is posting on a boyfriend's/girlfriend's Facebook wall. We get it. You’re dating. If it doesn’t already say this on Facebook, I’m sure everyone can tell by the way you act around each other in person. If you’re dating shouldn’t you be past Facebook posting and at least on to texting and online screen names? No one wants to see how you two interact, especially if it’s all mushy and cute like, “Luv ya babe,” or “Can’t wait to see you ;)” Facebook exists simply for procrastination, getting in touch with people whose telephone number you don’t have, mocking friends, and sharing funny shit for the world to see. It’s most definitely not designed for you guys to show the world how much you love each other. You can do that shit on your own time, in your own rooms.

More often than not, if you go to a wall-to-wall of two people dating, the convo is extremely awkward (especially if you go all the way back to before they made it official). I just don't see why couples feel the need to interact on Facebook. Why is there an urge for couples to look/comment on each other's pictures? Presumably, you already know every single thing about your significant other: What type of ass tattoo they have, how many freckles they have on their shoulders, where their sketchy birth mark is, or even how big their… yeah you get the point.

So for Christ sake, this is my last effort to stop this nonsense. Just get a goddamn room. No one cares. "See you in three days baby!! Can't Wait! :)" Yeah, we don't give a flying fuck. Couples are of no concern to anyone else, because quite frankly, come Thursday night, neither of you are even eligible for a hook up (although I’ve seen some pretty sleazy shit go down on Thursdays). Stay off each others walls and please just stick to BBMing.

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