Friday, May 21, 2010

Favre Admits He Could Give 2 Shits if He Played Next Year

HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- Brett Favre says he still isn't sure what he's doing next season, but he may have given some indication after visiting with the Southern Miss baseball team.


The Minnesota Vikings quarterback told the Golden Eagles on Thursday morning that if they can make it back to the College World Series for the second straight year, he will return for one more season in the NFL.

Southern Miss players have a lot of work to do if they want to force Favre into action. They are 30-20 and need wins to earn a postseason invitation.

Finally a decision from Favre. Oh no, wait, just more toying with our emotions. I guess this is the type of shit you can pull if you're the best QB to ever live (my opinion, not all of Broston's). You have to hand it to him though. It motivates his alma mater and gets him yet another mention in the news. This will only add to the all-out fellacio thrown at Favre this summer from the likes of Ed Werder and Mark Schlereth...and you know Pedro Gomez will get his two cents in too. The only meaningful thing in the whole ESPN article is that this shows Favre is healthy and ready to play. No one has a bigger stiffy for playing football than Favre (P. Manning, R. Lewis, and Mike Alstott come in with honorable mention-boners in this category). Favre will be back, and yes, so will the Wrangler commercials that represent all that is America.

P.S.- I give Barstool 3 hours to post a similar article.

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