Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chafe - Sibling Car Situation

For those of you who don't have any siblings, you're going to have a tough time relating to this. For those of you who have siblings that can't drive yet, you'll one day feel the pain of this chafe. New drivers come in one at a time in families (unless you're twins (but not if you're Siamese twins!)). There usually is only enough cars to go around for the first driver, then parents feel like they did their part and let the kids battle it out for who gets the car when there are more drivers than vehicles. You'd think seniority always comes out on top but that's not the case. The younger siblings think that when older bro or older sis goes away to college, they inherit the car. They think that you have to start asking them to use the car even though it was rightfully yours in the first place. When you come home you forget that you can't walk everywhere and remember how much you need a car again just to do the littlest of chafes (chores = chafes, they are synonyms). The argument usually ends up with Mom and Pop taking the side of the youngest sibling since they have dealt with their bullshit for a couple years less. The car used to be at your disposal whenever you wanted it but not anymore. Now whenever you need it, you can't have it, and when you don't need it, is when you got it. The only way to get what's yours now-a-day is through the use of physical force. I'm not saying kick the shit out of your sibling to get the car but give them a charlie horse once in a blue moon and remind them whose boss around these parts. Let them know that this summer it's not going to be ok for them to take the car over you. The only time you should be letting them drive is when they are your designated driver for the night, then we'll see how much they like having their license.

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