Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chafe - Forgetting Your Charger

Remember when everything ran on batteries? Me neither. We as human beings indirectly run on chargers. Our three most important accessories are our cell phone, laptop and iPod, all of which get juice from being plugged into outlets (does anyone actually know what goes on behind an outlet? Maybe I'll google it or Ask Jeeves). Seeing that it is 2010 already I would have hoped some mad scientist could have come up with an unlimited battery by now, but it appears that we are still some years away. It sucks when you run out of battery because you are no longer mobile, and are now forced to only move as far as your charger leash allows (I feel bad for the Mac users that have the short chargers because they get half the distance as the long ones).

You'd think that we'd place more importance on our chargers, but that is just not the case. Time after time we self-chafe ourselves by forgetting our chargers. This can be in the form of a small-scale chafe (i.e. forgetting your computer charger in a Carney classroom that you were studying in for finals and not realizing it until you get back to Walsh) or a large-scale chafe (leaving your charger at home before Spring Break and not realizing it until you get to SeƱor Frogs in the Bahamas). Either way the only juice you're left with is the juice you got in your phone/computer/iPod. You can try and borrow chargers (which is becoming easier and easier with more and more blackberry/iPhone users) but that's a chafe in itself for not only you, but for the charger partner as well.

A man without a charger is not a man at all. Everyone needs their juice. Chargers are more expensive than you think, too. If you're not an avid user of "Daddy's Plastic" than a new charge is some fresh dough coming out of your own pocket, all because you have a forgetful memory (smoke more weed Turtle, seriously smoke more weed). Once you realize what has happened, your only option is to man up and go incognito. Sometimes this can be liberating, but that gets old fast. You start to think of all the texts and emails that you're missing, and a little bit of paranoia starts to creep in. Nothing is worse than when your phone dies while you are in the midst of spitting game at a chick via texting. You basically shoot yourself in the foot when you forget your charger. I wish buying charger juice was as easy as buying Capri Suns (maybe someday they will sell the chargers in Capri Suns "To Go" juiceboxs that are easy to purchase). Until that day the chafe lives on. So the next time you go anywhere, please double check to make sure you have your charger.

P.S. Why the fuck isn't there one universal charger?

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