Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chafe - Computer Dying In The Middle Of Class

First of all, don't tell me you don't ever use your computer in class. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to take a class that doesn't allow computers. Seriously don't be dumb.

The computer is your lifeline. It's kind of like a deal professors strike with students. We'll be obedient and quiet and maybe do the reading (probably not), and you'll let us bring our comps and not pay attention to a single word you utter. When I have a computer in class I literally might as well be sitting in Walsh, because I'm doing the same exact shit, yet you make me walk all the way up to this fucking classroom. I digress. There is just nothing better than having a computer in class. Some kids chose to bring chargers. Don't be that kid. That kid is weird. Unless it's dire (once a week 2 hour grindfest or something like that), I'm probably not bringing my charger. It's 2:50, you have a 3:00 class, you open your comp in Walsh and you see "15%." You know your fucked at this point. You dim the light, you don't watch soundless Entourage like Utah, and you milk it as long as you can. The only question when it finally dies is: Do you stay or do you go?

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