Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anti-Bro of the Week - Bob Bradley

First and foremost let me personally say that I think it is bullshit that Dwight Howard is losing in the poll against Zdeno Chara regarding who would win in a fight. Glad I got that off my chest. Anyway, Bob Bradley is the head coach of the U.S. soccer team, which is heading to the World Cup in South Africa this summer. So why would he not be on our good side? Other than looking more or less like a giant sperm cell, the man had the audacity to drop BC's own Charlie Davies from the roster, 7 months after Davies had been in a car crash that nearly took his life. Granted, Davies can't possibly be in tip-top shape right now, but try telling me that having him on the sidelines during the Cup wouldn't inspire our national team, which would be lucky in the first place to get very far in this tourney, with or without Davies. Now Davies is left feeling like Gerry Bertier after the car crash in Remember the Titans.

I haven't heard from most of the other guys on the roster since SI for Kids launched their "Let's begin to include soccer in our magazine" campaign. I was half-expecting to see Cobi Jones or Eric Wynalda on there somewhere. I mean even Carlos Bocanegra a.k.a. Charlie Blackmouth made the cut. There are other players I just can't stand - take Clint Dempsey for example. His ridiculous rap videos remind me of my phase in 7th grade when I bought high-top Air Force Ones and listened to the likes of Murphy Lee and Mannie Fresh on my Walkman while my mom drove me in my school uniform to Catholic school.

At least having Davies on the team would give the national squad some sort of side story for TV networks to play up. We're gonna have to stick to clips of shitty goals with Brian McBride blowing kisses to the crowd for about the fifth World Cup in a row. Thanks for that Bob Bradley.


  1. Come on, you never heard of anyone else on the roster? ... Alejandro Bedoya (BC '09) is on the squad

  2. I respect a lot of what you have on the site but you are an idiot when it comes to this post. Learn some facts bro before you start spewing hate at Bob Bradley. Obviously Davies is a B-R-O and should be going but he has not even been cleared by his club team to start full training yet. If he can't fully train there is no way he can go toe to toe with some of the best competition in the world.

    Also, never heard of some of these players? Bocanegra is the CAPTAIN of the team and is key to the central defensive partnership with Gooch. You want to leave the captain off? Great fucking idea.

    And the hate on Dempsey, he only helped his club team reach the Europa League final and could be one of the few Americans to win some European hardware. But that doesn't even matter, just watch this youtube video and there is nothing else you can say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeL1DXp-PuU.

    All old people? Alitdore is 20, Bradley is 22 (a certified FRAT star), Edu is 24, and ALL should be in the starting line up.

    Go buy an England jersey now and hop on their bandwagon

  3. fresh jerseys this year... and get some K G on your ipod