Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chafe - Getting A Test Back At The End Of Class

Really? Last class on a Thursday and you’re torturing me with this shit? It’s just how the universe works. The weekend is at you’re fingertips, but they really make you work for it. You have to know the darkness to know the light, and sitting here waiting to get back a test at the end of an hour and fifteen minute class is without a doubt the darkness. What is the point of waiting until the very end of class to hand the tests back? You have them. We want them. Why can’t we just make this happen when we walk in? Most teachers think that handing tests back at the beginning of class is counterproductive because students will only look at the test and not focus on the class. First of all, most kids just want to see what they got and don’t give a flying fuck about what actually happened on the test, and second of all, we really don’t pay attention anyways. Listen, we get it Professor, you have the power. You have the ability to chafe us and you exercise it. Please just give me my fucking test.

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