Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chafe – Everyone Asking You For A Piece Of Gum

It’s inevitable. Unless you go stealth and not let a soul know you have gum, you're bound to lose more than 80% of your pack at any given moment. Just pray it's not 5-Elixir edition. In it’s simplest form it is a great display of chain reaction. You get out your gum, your friend sees you have a lot left so he asks for a piece. Your other friend sees that both of you have gum and feels left out so he asks for a piece. Before you know it everyone is sticking their hands out expecting a piece to be nicely placed on their palm. It turns into a sort of soup-kitchen-but-with-gum-instead fiasco. It's literally Communist when you think about it. People are doing no work and expect to be rewarded. Everyone thinks they’re doing no harm since they are only taking one piece of gum. What everyone forgets, myself included, is that the one piece mentality adds up in the end to be a large portion of your pack of gum. If everyone just had their own gum, we wouldn’t have to deal with this chafe.

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