Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Bro You Should Know - Steve Donahue

Every cloud has a silver lining, every chafe brings with it something fresh. The departure of Al Skinner as head basketball coach caught most people off-guard but no one was shocked beyond belief either. After 13 seasons of what can best be described as “just above average” basketball, Skinner is out, Steve Donahue is in. Who is Steve Donahue? He is the man who looks more suited to go over PowerPoints with your dad at the office than to regulate the sidelines of Conte, but still managed to take the underdog Cornell Big Red to the Sweet Sixteen. Though nothing has been made official as of yet, it seems barring any last minute surprises, Donahue will sign with the Eagles. It has been reported that AD Gene DeFilippo wants to get the deal finalized before Thursday’s hockey win over Miami (Not the U, Ohio). He was Broston’s top choice for a replacement and after what many would call a rocky year for DeFilippo, sure enough it seems the AD has pulled it off. Hofstra offered Donahue only a mere $750,000 over 5 seasons after discovering he holds no knowledge of the college lacrosse scene. BC is reported to offer $900,000 PER season. Seems like an easy decision to me. Especially after making mince-meat out of chumps like Penn and Brown, Donahue likely cannot wait to square off against the likes of UNC and the Butler-player-haters from Durham. If he got to the Sweet Sixteen with a bunch of kids who you would hesitate to put on your intramural team, next year could be very exciting for Reggie Jackson and crew. It will all come down to recruiting for Donahue. Welcome, Coach Don.

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